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Light Aircraft Pilots Licence



The Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL) course consists of a minimum training requiment of 30 flying hours* flying training consisting of 15 hours dual and 6 hours solo, followed by a flight test. 

9 written examinations detailed below.

  • Operational Procedures

  • Human Performance

  • Aviation Law

  •  Aircraft General Knowledge 

  • Communications

  • Navigation

  • Flight Performance & Planning

  • Principles Of Flight

  • Meteorology

On completion of the course a final skills test is required with a flight examiner. Also, a minimum of a LAPL medical or Part-MED Class Two medical certificate is needed (available from a CAA approved doctor).

This licence can be used on any single piston engine aircraft in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle Of Man, Northern Island and France.  Additional ratings can be added to this license including, Night rating, motor gliders and microlights. The flying training starts with basic general handling and is broken down into exercise numbers from 1 to 18, once you have mastered all the basics you will then learn to land in the circuit flying stage, working towards one of the most memorable times in your flying career, your "First Solo" flight!

After some advanced handling and emergency training you will move onto navigation training and working towards your qualifying solo cross country flight.

The course culminates in a final flight test.

Once all the requirements have been met you can then apply for your LAPL. See our price page for the costs.

If you require any information or have any questions regarding our services contact us. We recommend everyone has a trial flying lesson before making a decision, this also counts towards the minimum training requirements and can go in your pilot's log book.

*These are the minimum training requirements and training course length may vary.

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