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Aircraft Hire

Aircraft Hire

All our aircraft are available for self-fly hire from our base at Blackpool Airport.

The fleet are maintained, by us, in our on-site CAA Approved engineering workshop.

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally attentive maintenance program and regard towards the condition of all of our aircraft ensuring optimum safety, performance, presentation and availability.


Cessna 150

We have three Cessna 150 series aircraft including the Aerobat version available.


The Cessna brand is world renowned and the 150 series is a great two seat aircraft for sight seeing, taking pictures out of the opening windows, night flying and aerobatics.

As our most economical aircraft it is perfect for training and hire on a budget and ideal for prospective commercial pilots wishing to hour build with our unbeaten value, reduced rate block hour purchases.


Piper PA28 Cherokee

We have three Cherokee aircraft available.

The PA28 series is a great four seat aircraft for sight seeing, night flying and very stable for instrument flying/ training.

All aircraft equipped for Instrument flying.


Piper PA28 Archer

Our Piper Archer 11 is of high specification, excellent touring aircraft VFR, Night or IFR, very well equipped, aircraft is a late model equipped with full Knots2U speed modifications, wing tip recognition lights, LED land lamp system and full leg wheel spats. Great load carrier and touring aircraft.

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