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Scenic Lake District - 2 seat - Flying lesson
  • Scenic Lake District - 2 seat - Flying lesson

    This is a great experience and lasts approximately one hour and forty five minutes including a full one hour and fifteen minutes in one of our Cessna 150 aircraft. On arrival you will be introduced to your flying instructor. You will receive a short informal briefing on the route to be flown followed by a walk round inspection of the aircraft. Once aboard you will be shown all of the flying controls before starting the engine.


    Engine running YOU will then taxi the aircraft under close supervision of your instructor to the runway ready to take to the skies. Once airborne the instructor will hand complete control of the aircraft over to YOU! With a little encouragement you will then fly a round trip over one hundred miles, taking in the great views of the Blackpool seafront, including the famous Blackpool tower, then on to Fleetwood across Morecambe Bay up Lake Windermere to Ambleside then down Coniston water past Ulverston and back across Morecambe bay.

    Whilst airborne you will fly the basic manoeuvres including climbing, descending, turning and then returning to the airport for a smooth landing. You will then taxi the aircraft back to be presented with your certificate. There will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout and also for your friends and family to take a photo as you are welcome to bring them along to watch you depart from our licenced lounge bar. Hopefully they will buy you a drink when you get back!

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